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practical and helpful features based on hundreds of restaurant owner needs, design your restaurant digital presence now…

1. Build your Menu

Menu Management

Add your meals, modify and customize your variants, additions, share meals from the menu separately and more through our flexible menu.

Campaign Management

Streamline your promotions, special offers through your app’s interactive user-interface, show off your best dishes and most sold ones with zero effort.

Theme Management

Feel free to customize your menu pictures, shapes and colors to achieve the best reflection of your restaurant ID.


Reach different demographics, sell to more people, just add languages from our 68 language base.

2.Manage your Sales

Order Management

Receive your orders online and accept them, integrate with your kitchen printers and fully automate your in-house operation.

Delivery Management

Add your drivers and assign deliveries to them, acquire full reports of your driver's activities, save the accountant salary and your time. (integrations with shipping companies are available).

Payment Management

Menianu offers various payment methods and integrations with your restaurant payment gateways.

3. Expand Now

AI Management

Find your most sold meals in a special slider on your menu to boost your sales.

Data Management

Acquire the full history of each customer, their information, and order history to utilize your marketing campaigns and reach your customers in the best way possible.

Your Franchise is a Step Away

Use the tangible data collected by your restaurant menu to decide where your next branch should be by analyzing your data.

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