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Give your guests more by offering contactless ordering, wherever they are!

We simplify hotel-wide service by letting your guests access and order with ease. Whether they’re by the pool, on the beach, or staying in, our QR menu makes it easy to keep guests happy without overloading your staff.

Visual menu apps give your guests a better mobile dining experience

FineDine’s QR menu helps guests visualize their dining experience. They can help you increase food and beverage sales, simplify your customers’ ordering journey, and help deliver a contactless service to your guests.

Customize your menu to offer in-room amenities and concierge services

With FineDine, guests can enhance their stay with the tap of a button. Using our QR menu, they can order clean sheets and towels, more pillows, and even access concierge services digitally to book transportation and make reservations.

Promote events and activities and special offers, easily!

Do you have in-house events and activities you want guests to know about? FineDine’s QR menu is the answer. Create an activities menu so that guests can stay informed, explore special offers, and enhance their experience at your hotel.

Easily collect and action reviews and feedback from guests.

Guest feedback is invaluable to your hotel’s success. With FineDine, you can receive guest comments in real-time and discover possible trouble spots in your service. With our menu app you can receive, save and export your reviews quickly and easily.

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